Tax Information

I.I.T. Tax Rate

Tax Base

For any individual having income from sources in Taiwan, income tax is levied in accordance with the Income Tax Act. Income tax will be withheld and paid at the respective sources for a nonresident individual in Taiwan.


An individual is considered a resident in Taiwan for income tax purposes if

  • the individual has domicile in Taiwan and ordinarily resides in Taiwan; or
  • the individual has no domicile in Taiwan but resides in Taiwan for 183 days or more during a taxable year.

Tax Filing

A resident individual needs file annual income tax return and pay any tax due between May 1 and May 31 of the following year.

A nonresident individual needs file income tax return and pay any tax due before departing Taiwan if he or she has income not subject to any withholding tax category.

Tax Rates

Summary of the net taxable income of an individual :

Personal Exemption


Tax rate




Net Taxable Income

Progressive tax rates

Progressive Difference (NT$)

0 – 540,000



540,001 – 1,210,000



1,210,001 – 2,420,000



2,420,001 – 4,530,000



4,530,001 and above







(income tax rates depending on the type of income obtained)

Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)

As of January 1, 2006, the AMT has been effective and is applicable to resident individuals. In accordance with Income Basic Tax Act, if a resident individual has the basic incomes more than NT$6.7 million, he or she needs to report the basic income tax at the current rate of 20%.

Please note that as per Article 12 of Income Basic Tax Act, if the aggregate offshore income is less than NT$1 million, it may be excluded from the basic income.

Income Tax on Dividend

A new dividend tax regime was implemented in 2018 where resident individuals can choose one of the following two ways for filing tax returns:

  1. Treat dividends as part of total taxable income: A tax credit of 8.5% of the total dividend amount can be applied with the credit ceiling at NT$80,000 per household.
  2. Treat dividends separately from other taxable income: Income tax is calculated at a single tax rate of 28% and no tax credit applied.

Income Tax on House and Land Transactions

Income Tax on House and Land Transactions regime was implemented since January 1, 2016 and was amended and effective on July 01, 2021. An individual who has income from transaction of house or land, shall fill house and land transactions income tax return within 30 days after completing ownership transfer registration:

  1. The transferred house and land are acquired on or after January 2, 2014 and have been held less than two years.
  2. The transferred house and land are acquired on or after January 1, 2016.

Taxable income = the transaction price – the original cost – all expenses necessary for acquisition improvement, and ownership transfer – the Total Increment Amounts of Land Value in accordance with the Land Tax Act

(The deduction limits for the necessary expenses and for the total amount of land price increases have been amended in 2021.)


Tax rate :


Tax rate


possession period

no more than 2 years


more than 2 years but no more than 5 years


more than 5 years but no more than 10 years


more than 10 years


Self-use house and land : The portion of taxable income exceeds the exempt (NT$4M)



possession period

no more than 2 years


more than 2 years